Monday, November 3, 2008

Mark Making!

This is some of my marks and objects for my mark making. Look and read from bottom of blog to top!! 

If you add the squares from the nail polish it could make a window for the chamber in the line "in a woman's chamber."
I discovered if you add the marks of the lightbulb and the burnt paper, it makes a complete moth.
burnt paper again.
This mark was made from a piece of burnt paper for " burnt to a crisp." It reminded me of a moths wings.
The mark it made.
A light bulb to represent brightness. From the line "a moth saw brightness"
The marks it made.
A pearl necklace also for woman.
examples of marks it made.
Nail polish also to represent a woman for the same line.
The mark it made gives a very splattered look. I am not sure how it works yet, but i love the textures of this mark.
A bobby pin to represent a woman for the line "in a woman's chamber".
The make it made when rolled on its side sort of looks like flames or fire.
This is a lighter to represent "burnt to a crisp."
This is the mark that the candle made.
This is one of my objects. It is a candle to represent "brightness".