Saturday, August 29, 2009

Type choice: Frutiger

- Sans Serif
- Designed by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger 
Frutiger's goal was to create a sans serif typeface with the rationality and cleanliness of Univers, but with the organic and proportional aspects of Gill Sans.
- Frutiger was released publicly in 1976.
- Popular today for advertising and small print. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

narrative activity perspectives

Jazz inspiration part 2

Here is a list of words I came up while playing gretchen parlato and Afinidad together to get a sort of feel what the two would actually sound like in an actual performance together. The deep, soothing voice of Gretchen is a very good contrast with the live up scale pace of Afinidad's music. 


here is my visual inspiration:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Visual Inspiration from Jazz artists

This is visual images I grabbed online while listening to Gretchen Parlato's music. Her music is very girly and sensual. It gives you a feeling of love and carefree. She seems to be a very optimistic person. I also created an emotions list while listening to her music:


These posters hold they type of colors I may want to incorporate into my design. So far they have given me a lot of inspiration on coming up with a concept for my own poster. 

This was my visual images grabbed while listening to Edward Simon's music. It reminds me of a night out on the town. I picture a warm, street filled scene of people gossiping, drinking and just enjoying the night life. Here is the list of emotions I felt while listening to his music:

Night life

Very long but hilarious mario video

Idea for Narrative project 1

I have decided to choose the game Super Mario Brothers. I have a couple ideas on what actions I will be focusing on. My first thought is to capture Mario getting a mushroom and growing to a larger, more super size. I also thought of him going down a tube and into another world. I initially thought of summarizing a whole world or level, but the thought of taking a small action and making it in stages seemed more interesting and doable. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Afinidad and Gretchen Parlato Research

Gretchen Parlato is a young jazz artist. She graduated from UCLA with a BA in Ethnomusicology/jazz studiesShe is known for her addition of Brazilian and African elements with jazz music. She is notable for performing with Lionel Loueke, Wayne Shorter and Kenny Barron. Her music has a very magical, bubbly, and happy vibe to it. It feels as though you are in a happy dream and it is peaceful and optimistic. In the year 2001 she was the first vocalist to be accepted into the Theonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance. In 2004 she she won first place in the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals competition at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  In 2005 she released her first self titled album which was named #5 best progressive jazz cds of 2005. She just recently in the spring of 2009 released her new cd titled in a dream.

Edward Simon's Afinidad is a band consisting of 6 people Edward Simon the pianist, David Binney the saxophone, Basset Scott Colley, Drummer Antonio Sanchez, guitarist Adam Rogers, and percussionist Dernell Saturino. Edward Simon was born in Venezuela where he grew surrounded and inspired by Latin and Caribbean music. He graduated from Philadelphia performing art school at 15. Edward then received a scholarship from the University of the Arts where he studied classical music. In the mid 90's he formed the band Afinidad.

Gutenberg Press

This film amazed me on how long the process took for Gutenberg to create a system to print. It took a lot of his time and focus to turn his idea and dream into a reality. It is also amazing how far our printing system today has come. We can print multiple pages in seconds. I feel sometimes we take printing for granted and dont think about how hard it was for us to get as far as we are today. Although we have all this new technology I still have larger respect for old printing styles because it takes a lot of personal time and care into creating one print. Printing was more of an art form setting type, inking the letters, then physically creating the print. Now all we have to do is click the print button on a computer and the machine does all the work. It was a very inspiring movie to watch because it reminds me if you take the time and care to do something It can be possible.