Monday, March 29, 2010

Fusion: a 5 day summer camp experience:)

We have decided to turn our conference into a five-day summer camp. This camp would be directed towards design students (college level) and even working design professionals. The focus is experimenting with a small group on how type can be fragmented, distorted, ect, then set into motion. The final judging would be a presentation on progress (experimentation & production) with a final motion piece.

DAY ONE: would be an introduction day where leading professionals give their testimonies of how experimenting with type and setting it into motion helped their design thinking. There would be small group discussions with these professionals that would help spark ideas to what to do with experiments once they are made. This would hopefully inspire all of the design conference attendees to think creatively in the next few days.

DAY TWO: would be a trip to MCAD (Minneapolis college of art and design) where attendees will be provided a room full of things to experiment with. This would be a full day of experimenting with type materials and how it can be distorted or altered. They would be provided with video cameras, printers, cameras, and mixed media. Our lovely sponsors will provide whatever they need to produce their motion piece.

DAY THREE: would be a half day of putting these things together with your assigned group of four people. The groups will be focused on what things your experiments may have in common and how you can combine these things together to create a common focus or brand (required content provided by the Walker Art Center). Professionals will also be walking around group to group to give some critiques and feedback.

DAY FOUR: would be a full out production day of making actual pieces and putting together a group presentation.

DAY FIVE: Presentations with judges, actual judging, and award ceremony at night.

What would winner get out of this?

There will be one student group and one professional group that will be awarded and receive a certificate and space in the walker gallery showcasing final design piece.

Around 40 attendees

10 groups / 4 ppl per group / 5 proffessional groups & 5 student groups



Walker Art Center




Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Revised Conference Theme


Cameron- will be developing two animations that will be played for openers to speakers, or as an art element for promotion, or setting. This animation will include the fusion logo. They will be using elements of all our type experiments, but combined to create a cohesive branding strategy.

Mo&Johnna- Will be developing the logo and color palette. This will be combing all of our experiment files. Johnna will be working with textures and patterns. Mo will be applying the typographic elements with the word fusion that will be super imposed to this texture. (The system will be similar to the Walker museum example shown in class.) This will allow for a lot of flexibility in our logo/branding/identity.



Type& Motion

Explore the effects of type and motion moving together to create a new visual dialogue. When type fuses with motion it can lead to a whole new interpretation and open the mind to new ideas. This lecture series will let you see the different types of media that are being used in typographic experimentation. You will hear acclaimed designers, creative directors, and up and coming new artists talk about their experiments in this field. Fusion will lend a new wave of ideas to apply to your own design philosophy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

branding process

I want the outside of the box to look like the images on the right. Each one will have a different colored band on the lid of it. The tea bag package will then look something like the one on the left. I still dunno if the bag seams to go with the outside of if that is an issue?

Friday, March 12, 2010

initial concept map

So this is what my original concept map looks like. I realize after talking in class that this was a good general idea to get all the possible things out, now it needs to be more specific. I need to also start to find imagery and not make this look like such a list of things.

theme for type conference

Our group decided that we wanted the conference to be all about storytelling with typography. We have not decided on a set name yet but that is the general idea. Type with motion is the general theme that all of our experiments had in common, so we decided to tell a story with our typography through motion. Experimenting with how sequencing and pace of words effect the feeling a viewer has on what they are reading. We also decided to use sayings or phrases that everyone can recall so that anyone who is viewing it can connect or relate to it. We are thinking right now about nursery rhymes. They are short and almost everyone can recall or recite parts of them. We imagine this being in a gallery setting like a museum. The people would walk through these "stories" which would be animations projected for large viewing. Then there would be a conference room of some sort that everyone would gather in after viewing and a speaker would talk about type and motion, sequencing, pace, ect. There could also be group breakouts at the end of how the viewers feel or the feelings they get when watching these. Im sure there will be revisions but this is what our group has planned for now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

persuasive process round 2

So I have decided that this is about 3 target audiences. The form of each audience will change shape with the product. One is for the artist who I am thinking of calling the thinker. One is for the person who likes to garden or plant, and they are called the planter(still trying to think of a more clever word) , The last is for The person into yoga, peace and relaxation, they are called the dreamer. Each person will be able to use this package and product for their personal hobby. I have decided to work with patterns for the design. I need to realize that it does not have to scream tea to have tea in the package.

persuasive process round 1

Friday, March 5, 2010

photos from final crit.

final statement for type

When first starting this project I was dealing with the underlying question of how mirrors reflect typography. My initial thought was to create a kaleidoscope but then I realized that it is not about having an actual kaleidoscope but more about the characteristics of one and what makes it interesting? When thinking about specific questions to base my experiments on I asked several but the ones I focused on were these: What are the principles of a kaleidoscope? How can these characteristics come through in typography? Can a letter that is fragmented create a more interesting pattern? What if there were transparencies or overlays? How do multiple typefaces and sizes of letterforms affect the pattern? What if these elements were set into motion?

Asking these specific questions allowed for my experiment to have multiple pieces to it. The things I was creating could be applied to print or motion graphics. The more I experimented the more I got into the form and character of what I was doing. This project seemed to really excite me about the things I was discovering. With every question I answered a new light was shed on the possibilities that this experiment held.

I learned that one simple question about typography can turn into this great end result. Type is no longer looked at in the same way. It takes on a more abstract meaning. It is not about if someone can read the message or letterforms being made. It is about the feeling of beauty you get when looking at this and then later realizing that they are constructed with type. I feel that this so called experiment has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that typography holds. I discovered it is not only about type and image and how you can make them work together but more about how you can make Image with type become one.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010