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my poster!

postcard ideas

I want to do something along these lines but I want to take my own photos. This idea makes the viewer think of all the people who were sitting on that same exact bench at one time. Sure you could think that they were just normal nice people, but at one time there had to of been someone bad on that bench. To me this makes a bench a negative thing because it is unknown. It is a mystery. Were they clean people? Did they have germs that could lead to a disease? Or could it of been someone who was morally bad. Was it a murderer, robber, or even a sex offender? Ya their values would not necessarily pass on to you, but the thought that they were in that exact place is eerie. This question has dark undertones and I want to capture the mystery of the bench in my photos I plan to take.

brief summary of readings

These readings made me really think about message and how everyone is different in interpreting it. It made me realize that as a designer I must be sensitive to the person who will be receiving my message. If it is a subject that I am not very sure about I must do all the research possible to try to learn the language of that subject. It also made me realize someone must have good communication skills to be able to understand each individual. They must be able to read the person so they will not offend them and so on.

Park Bench

- rest
- pigeons
- newspaper
- break
- gum
- wood
- hard
- old ladies
- bums
- reading
- sky
- trees
- leaves
- relax
- watchful
- rusty
- creaky
- personal space
- dirt
- weathered
- splinter
- grime
- germs
- impression
- a bed to some
- perch
- flop
- weight off
- situated
- seat
- bottom

A park bench holds many stories. It hears and sees the lives of many people. Yet, it cannot repeat these stories to anyone, therefor it is a place of comfort for people. It can be a place to read, relax and watch your children, or it can be a bed to someone who's home is the outdoors. It can be a sanctuary in a way... It can also be a place filled with germs and disease waiting to take over the next person who sits on it. Think of all the bottoms who have sat in your seat and what the person sitting there before you was like. To me a park bench is a thing of mystery. Who has sat here before you? Were they just like you, someone just needing to rest on their walk? Or were they someone who had the day planned to sit there all day and people watch. Someone may have spent the night where you were just siting to relax. Hmmmm......

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final poster for Paralympics

My final poster I feel shows depth and plays with elements coming at the viewer. My original poster was pathos, so I had to iterate on logos and ethos. I decided to go this route because I felt I had more elements to work with. I wanted the idea of tickets to be flowing out of the earth to show that they are traveling or moving. This would give the idea of tickets being sold and distributed around the world. The final colors I chose were more earth tone and simple than the ones I was originally working with. The original color palette felt more juvenile, this feels more sophisticated to me. I also decided to make the 200o sydney paralympics more of its own logo element verses just straight type. I feel it makes it more visually interesting. Overall I am happy with how this turned out, and I feel it was a great way to fully understand and explore modes of appeal.

sound choices

31 Mr. Big Top (Doug's Tune) by user9452548

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in class process 2

I need help in deciding a color scheme for this poster. Any comments would be appreciated!:)

Na: Final progress and summary of animation

ferret progress 2 from johnna pasch on Vimeo.

final ferret from johnna pasch on Vimeo.

The top video is second to final version, the bottom is the final version.

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animation process

these are my trial and errors of trying to get ferret paw prints :)
Story board with original animation mixed in
action trials

visual research

over the weekend I researched some constructivism art because I was told my piece was very similar to the style. Now that I have done some visual research I am going to try to push this idea even more. I really enjoy the style.

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