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Sunday, September 27, 2009

new idea

This was a poster designed by Gitte Kath. She is a well known designer in Denmark. She is also a director at the Mill Theater . She mainly designs posters for the theater but has branched out and designed some for organizations. Her design process involves collecting different materials photographing it and then adding in elements of design. Her work is said to have a "worn" look to it. The above poster is for the Paralympics in Sydney Australia. I feel that the poster is ethos because it is putting a well known label "Paralympics" across it. Anyone who reads that name will know what the poster is about and what kind of event it is representing.

tender buttons progress

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Not?

Why not associates is a British design group that was established by Andrew Altmann, David Ellis, and Howard Greenhalgh. They do many different type of work such as including corporate identity, digital design, motion graphics and television commercial direction, editorial design, environmental design, publishing, and public art. Their style pushes boundaries and requires much experiment with medium. They take multiple pieces and merge them together to create a nice juxtaposition. The piece I think I want to work with is posted below.

The book is a deconstruction of contemporary culture which examines how the spread of ideas originating from the media, advertising and technology industries influence and shape global behaviour. Author Gee Thompson refers to the driving forces of our behaviour, needs and fears as ‘spells’, which control and bind us, and this book seeks to decode and make us aware of these cultural and media influences on all areas of our life. - Katie Loweth

a spread from the book

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First iteratoins on the poem: a fire

poem selections


What was the use of a whole time to send and not send if there was to be the kind of thing that made that come in. A letter was nicely sent.


A charm a single charm is doubtful. If the red is rose and there is a gate surrounding it, if inside is let in and there places change then certainly something is upright. It is earnest.


In the middle of a tiny spot and nearly bare there is a nice thing to say that wrist is leading. Wrist is leading.


In between a place and candy is a narrow foot-path that shows more mounting than anything, so much really that a calling meaning a bolster measured a whole thing with that. A virgin a whole virgin is judged made and so between curves and outlines and real seasons and more out glasses and a perfectly unprecedented arrangement between old ladies and mild colds there is no satin wood shining.


Any neglect of many particles to a cracking, any neglect of this makes around it what is lead in color and certainly discolor in silver. The use of this is manifold. Supposing a certain time selected is assured, suppose it is even necessary, suppose no other extract is permitted and no more handling is needed, suppose the rest of the message is mixed with a very long slender needle and even if it could be any black border, supposing all this altogether made a dress and suppose it was actual, suppose the mean way to state it was occasional, if you suppose this in August and even more melodiously, if you suppose this even in the necessary incident of there certainly being no middle in summer and winter, suppose this and an elegant settlement a very elegant settlement is more than of consequence, it is not final and sufficient and substituted. This which was so kindly a present was constant.

Rooms (excerpt)
Dance a clean dream and an extravagant turn up, secure the steady rights and translate more than translate the authority, show the choice and make no more mistakes than yesterday.

This means clearness, it means a regular notion of exercise, it means more than that, it means liking counting, it means more than that, it does not mean exchanging a line.

Why is there more craving than there is in a mountain. This does not seem strange to one, it does not seem strange to an echo and more surely is in there not being a habit. Why is there so much useless suffering. Why is there.

Any wet weather means an open window, what is attaching eating, anything that is violent and cooking and shows weather is the same in the end and why is there more use in something than in all that.

The cases are made and books, back books are used to secure tears and church. They are even used to exchange black slippers. They can not be mended with wax. They show no need of any such occasion.

A willow and no window, a wide place stranger, a wideness makes an active center.

The sight of no pussy cat is so different that a tobacco zone is white and cream.

A lilac, all a lilac and no mention of butter, not even bread and butter, no butter and no occasion, not even a silent resemblance, not more care than just enough haughty.

A safe weight is that which when it pleases is hanging. A safer weight is one more naughty in a spectacle. The best game is that which is shiny and scratching. Please a pease and a cracker and a wretched use of summer.

Surprise, the only surprise has no occasion. It is an ingredient and the section the whole section is one season.

A pecking which is petting and no worse than in the same morning is not the only way to be continuous often.

A light in the moon the only light is on Sunday. What was the sensible decision. The sensible decision was that notwithstanding many declarations and more music, not even notwithstanding the choice and a torch and a collection, notwithstanding the celebrating hat and a vacation and even more noise than cutting, notwithstanding Europe and Asia and being overbearing, not even notwithstanding an elephant and a strict occasion, not even withstanding more cultivation and some seasoning, not even with drowning and with the ocean being encircling, not even with more likeness and any cloud, not even with terrific sacrifice of pedestrianism and a special resolution, not even more likely to be pleasing. The care with which the rain is wrong and the green is wrong and the white is wrong, the care with which there is a chair and plenty of breathing. The care with which there is incredible justice and likeness, all this makes a magnificent asparagus, and also a fountain.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


Ok so I def. hated the way my first round of iterations went. I just didnt seem finished or to be what I thought was good. So I am very glad today that I tried the pattern and texture look of silk screening to add to my design. I think I just needed to view my elements in a new medium and I am pleased where it is heading. Here are a few iterations with type and sizes of the piano. I am in the process of looking for a ligature for the fi of afinidad. Please leave any comments !!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Afinidad iteration

I decided to take the beads out of my design because they were distracting to my overall design. I used an orange background color to make the illustration pop out more.

NA: Nouns/ Verbs

Noun: Ferret
Verbs: Scurry, Smuggle, hide
Noun: Food Pellet
Verbs: Pour, fill, consume

I have decided on these words. I have also already been thinking of numerous materials to use to create them. I most likely will work with stop motion photographs instead of digital type.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend

while i was not busy working I had one free day to go to a flea market which i saw amazing things...I found these cute little bone china dinosaurs...:) O and of course some snapshots of my doggies:)

Final Story Boards...Feeding Meeko:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Poster concept idea

This is some of my work from friday's class time...I really want to make a larger colored pencil drawing of my concept. This is what I started on from one of my pieces from the matrix....Later after class we attended the Folly and I learned that we need to downplay gretchen parlato so obviously I have some rethinking to do on this particular concept.

Friday, September 4, 2009


These first two images are mind maps simply getting out any emotions or symbols out to work with.

This is my matrix after some things have been moved around. 

These are some ideas that I really like and want to make better in detail. I think I want to hand draw or illustrate these so they have a hand draw feel to them....or maybe combine two photos together to create a collage look..? 

Storyboard point of view 1...and 2

This is what I have for the point of view from my perspective of feeding meeko. It starts off with me waking up the clock looking a little fuzzy because its that first "I wanna sleep more" visual you get when you look at your clock in the morning. I walk into the room and start the process of feeding the ferret. I think the timing is really good, im not sure if the walking into the room is understood in those two photos...I was also concerned that just taking pictures and not hand manipulating them like most of the people in the class was too boring. Im kinda starting to thing the colors of the slide, the bowl, and the cage itself add good colors to make the photos visually interesting without any manipulation. 

this is my 2nd point of view from the ferrets perspective as if the camera were placed on top of his head. I still have a couple frames to figure out. I think the second frame should be a blurry photo of me walking in the room to show the ferret too has just woke up. I also need a frame of me pouring the food into the bowl and what it would look like to the ferret. Still kinda stuck on what else to show. Hmmmm open for suggestions!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rhetorical Tropes

Im sure this one could have more than one right answer but I think I am going with metaphor because It is replacing the tree tops with the symbol of america...Im not sure what the carrots are...
This is a parody because it uses the MGM logo that usually has a lion in the logo but in this case has a cat from tom and jerry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

some progress on mailer

I have this as my cover because it is abstract and people would be like " What the hell is this?" and open it to read more about the font...:) Not set on color or layout but I like the use of pattern with the letterform.