Monday, April 26, 2010

Collection website revised

This is the new direction I am going with for my website. I think that the gradient background gives it a sense of depth and still is able to go with all the colorful pez. I plan to have a movie clip playing on the homepage scrolling through my pez collection. Im excited that I have finally found a direction and am eager to move forward in my design.

poetic map process

So this is an example of the form my map would take. I am still working on how to get all the instructions with the images and still be able to have the pull tab flip correctly.

T4 type conference criticism

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

patterns revised

As tyler suggested, we decided to try to break the strict rectangular form that our patterns were taking so that there could be more room for different shapes and direction. I am so glad that we tried this because it gives our brand a more free form, and to me this also helps express motion more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

wire framing for collection

Who is doing what for our conference?

MO: invitations
award certificates

JO: landing page for website
mobil sign
name tags
BOTH JO&MO: poster, schedule, copy

CAM: motion piece

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

digital sketches of information graphics

This would show my collection growth starting with me as a kid, teen, to now.

This would show value of the pez by price compared to value according to me.

This would be a timeline of when certain movies were released, or cartoons that were popular and the pez that were created around that time.

A simple size chart.

Map location where the pez were manufactured and the quantity I have in each location.

A progression of a character recreated over the years.

A journey through my collection that highlights key pez and events that happened when I received them.

A diagram of a pez with key facts about the specific parts of them.

A diagram to show how to open and load a pez dispenser.

Monday, April 5, 2010

fusion with patterns and type

persuasive process:part 2

magazine ad: I wanted to use the reveal method like I used in my actual product with color revealing on the inside of the band. I used the same paper I made my tea tags with for the first page then the second page was the three color bands that are on my actual products with the designs still present. The magazine I chose to place it in was VOUGE. I chose this because it is a fashionable trendy magazine that appeals to almost every sort of woman. It may not be a person who is "going green" looking at vouge but possibly I would inspire them to start thinking more earth friendly.

for my homepage for a website I wanted to have a really inviting, simple design. I imagine this being very easy to navigate through.

For the web ad I did not want something that said "Click here" or "check us out" because to me that is an instant sign of POP UP AD. I immediately want to ignore it. I wanted something that was visually interesting and sort of abstract to make the viewer question what it is and want to click to go to the actual website.

ways to organize my collection

Here is an example of how I can organize progression in how a certain pez is remade over the years.

Here is an example of how older pez do not have feet on the bottom v.s. the new pez who have a footed bottom to them.

I could also organize pez according to their character groups. Like pirates of the Caribbean.

I could also do an organization based on color of the stems.

A new discovery I also made is I could organize based on location made. Each pez has the location in which it was made and I have seen several different locations such as Austria, China, Hungary, Slovenia, ect.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fusion progress

Here is some progress on creating patterns. I started off with four basic one color patterns.

From there I messed with overlaying the basic patterns. From these I created brand restrictions just for the patterns.

Some brand restrictions:
* There are 4 patterns, with 4 different colors.
* The patterns can be used independently, or layered to form 6 different overlays (each pattern can only have 2 colors to overlay)
* The patterns can be repeated vertically or horizontally in a line.
* Colors do not change.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


For my collection website I am showing my pez collection. Here are a few ways that I have thought about organization:
1- Groups. (disney, looney toons, cars, ect.)
2- date made
3- Color
4- Price value
5- Value to me
6- How I got them
7- What meaning they have to me
8- size
9- box sets
10- random pez things (pez keychains, pens, toys, ect.)
11- function(some can be whistles, make noise when head is lifted)
12- Date I got them
13- No feet/feet
14- remakes of same pez
15- rarity