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  • explain hierarchy of and relationships between the communication channels. what takes priority, if anything, and when does it do so?

  • With my animation I believe that the imagery has the most hierarchy. The visual effect give you the feelings that are felt when watching this. The music adds to the setting also, but is not as strong as the imagery. The text added to the animation helps to clarify what the imagery is trying to say. It puts the viewers mind in the right place to be prepared for the visuals that follow the facts.

  • why you used the media/production techniques you utilized. what did that rendering style or formal approach add to your story?

  • I chose to do stop motion because I felt I could capture the moment with more detail in a photo than i would have in a video. Plus, due to time I was not able to get video footage and be able to edit it in time. I wish I would have had more time to learn a new program such as aftereffects, but it did not work out this way so I chose to do photos in flash which is something I am more familiar with.

  • what, if any, new things did you learn through this process? was it more difficult to orchestrate things with all your options open?
  • With this project I learned how to take the elements such as timing and framing and make them into a animation that makes sense. I also feel with having my options open I learned how to limit myself to reality. Due to the time factor, and programs that are unknown I learned how to create something that is more realistic than a "big idea".