Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Concrete    Abstract
Insect              Night
Wings              Sleep
Antenna         Darkness
Larva               tired
Cocoon          nocturnal
Stars                 drowsy
Caterpillar       flutter
mothballs         attracted
moon                pests
Porch light        dreams

Concrete          Abstract
room                     quiet
house                    personal
bed                         comfy
compartment      warm
auditorium            peaceful
hall                          calming
cavity                     content
dwelling                 isolated
wallpaper                warm
windows                  relaxing



Concrete         Abstract
fried                      red
scorch                   black
hot                         Hell                 
char                       angry
blackened             miserable
scald                     consumed
smoldered            crunchy
fireplace             crispy
flames                   hard
coal                        flaky 

Monday, October 27, 2008

For my haiku i chose:
The moth saw brightness
In a woman's chamber-
Burnt to a Crisp.

I chose this because it is funny and is full of possible artifacts. I have also made a list of artifacts:

- flashlight
- candle
- lightbulb
- lipstick
- Hairspray
- Perfume
- jewelry
- Lighter
- Leaf
- Chips

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

During my process of my book I have had think about many things. First how to make my line compositions match up with the photos I took in the environment. I didn't look at my lines first then photograph, I went out and took the photos, then looked for lines that I had to match them. This was a challenge because I would have a really neat photo then I wouldn't be able to find a line comp. to go with it.  
With the hand type process It was more of a challenge to imagine what the type would look like exactly because the process was quick and simple. When I went in and did the type digitally it made the whole piece come together because of the digital craft. I did enjoy the hand process though it really helped with getting my ideas out on paper. 
I tried really hard to keep all of my progress and process steps together to but in my book. It is really exciting to look at the very beginning of my process and see where the lines have taken me into this interesting project. This has been a long project with a lot of process steps. 
Overall I think that my craft has improved since the first project. I have learned how important it is to try to make things look neat and clean. It really makes a difference on how your final piece looks. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lines in environment with emotions

For my photos I was asked to give them a personality and associate them with the emotions we feel as humans. Heres what I came up with:
For this photo I see the pipes as veins or intestines or something that runs throughout our body to help us function. Pipes help run water or waste throughout buildings as our pipes do for us. The lines are obligated to help this building run and work properly. Is obligation an emotion???..haha

In this photo I get an emotion of rivalry. I feel as though each little curve is an individual lining up next to the other competing against each other, trying to be the curviest line in the photo. 


For this photo I have chosen the word longing. It reminds me of someone or something who is reaching out to someone else. It gives the emotions of having up and down days needing someone to keep you going through the day. 

This photo I get an emotion of grief or loneliness. For some reason it reminds me of how you would feel if attending a funeral. The two lines are straight forward trying to stand proud and strong, but the background gives an eerie feeling of doubt or hopelessness. I could be totally off here but thats what I got.

For this photo I get an emotion of shyness from the little tree in the middle. It reminds me of a quiet, shy, little, person hiding behind others. 

In this photo I picture each little block or square as a unit. It almost looks like a little town or community that has accepted living next to each other. So for this photo I have chosen the word acceptance

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lines in the Environment....FUN!!!!

This was VERY fun! I got to see Kansas City in a whole new way. It was exciting to see what kind of lines were all around me. It was a bit cold, but so worth it. I had a wonderful time being outside of the studio experiencing October weather!