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logo, color, feel

some naming ideas for ghost hunting

With apps and other devices having names that begin with prefix para. For example. Para-phrase for the tagging app where ghost hunters can write their own experience. Paranoid, Paragraph, and so on.

This describes what our community is constantly looking for. They are all about finding something haunted.

This word describes beyond this world. This is where the spirits reside.
the past
soul-searching: The word soul could be the start of all apps. Like Soul-tag, Soul-map, Soul-live(for live video feed app)...ect

Thursday, September 23, 2010

round2 on branding...

Some initial thoughts on reading solutions

* An activity book to hand out to kids that lets them color in things, draw photos, finish sentences, ect.

*Reading exchange plan. Kids will be given a book with a pocket attached to the back of the book that has a paper of some sort in it. The paper can be a place for the kid to leve a note, message, picture in the book for the next kid who reads it to find and perhaps create a bond.

*Traveling book club/ afterschool program. This would be where once a week a different location will hold the program. Will be a place for kids to go and read or interact with other kids. Perhaps a school bus will offer travel to the location each week.

*Kids can create their own book, story all together, these will then be exchanged to each other to let kids read each others story

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The web is dead... thoughts

Will the Web disappear in favor of mobile only interaction?
I have to agree with the reading on the fact that there are still postcards, and letters today even though we have faster forms of communication. There is always going to be a group of people who find the web trendy or like to use it because it is the old thing.
What are some of the differences you see as a designer in designing for mobile smartphones, mobile tablets, and browser based interactive?
When you are designing for smartphones the content needs to be condensed. It has to be an instant read because people use the smartphone when they are on the go. They need a quick version just to get the basic idea. It is made for a fast, paced environment. When you are designing for mobile tablets the content can be more. Someone using a mobile tablet in my opinion is taking the time to use it so they can have more time to go over the content and take it in. Just how people can read books on the tablets. I think that the idea that you can hold the content in your hands is what makes these things so desirable. The smartphones are just like holding a phone, and the content is smaller. With the tablets you get an enlarged version of content, it fits better in our hands, and it can be taken with you anywhere. When talking about browser based interactive I feel that these are the most limited. You are more stationary and have a heavier device to carry. The screen is usually connected to another element such as a keyboard in terms of a laptop or a desk in terms of a desktop. With the mobile devices the content is all on one platform which allows for more flexibility to interact.

What are their differences in standpoint, simply stated? Are you for the democratic, user-delivered-content web or the closed expert delivered content of the app world?
I am all for the user-delivered-content-web. I feel more connected to the answers I am getting because I feel like the experience that usually comes along with the answers are what makes it feel more secure. Like google answers for example: If the answer is coming from someone who has experienced the same situation you are questioning, their answer seems more tangible and I feel like I can learn from that more than a professoinal answer who has read an answer and is trained what to say. I mean who would u trust more when asking "Does it hurt to have your arm cut off ?" The doctor who has both his arms , or the guy who had his arm cut off in an unexpected accident who can give you all the details about this experience?

Is Steve Jobs monomaniacal or a saint?
Oh Steve Jobs... I feel that the highlighted people of technology sometimes receive more credit than deserved. In the reading it talks about how usually when an idea is sparked, there are several people who do it. Its only a matter of time that someone takes charge of the idea and claims it and they are the face of that idea. It is inedible, it will always happen, and there is no stopping it. There is more to apple than steve jobs. he is the face of the company but the company is made up of an entire community who has slaved just as much if not more.

I really enjoyed this reading. It was long at times, but I always stayed interested. A couple other things I would add to these questions are I had completely forgot how the old facebook used to be. I can remember when you had to be in a college to have an account. It was limited and selective. It is so amazing to see how in just a few years it has opened up and not only can everyone use it, but it runs through companies, and websites, it is connected to almost anything online.
I also thought this passage was interesting: We’ll pay for convenience and reliability, which is why iTunes can sell songs for 99 cents despite the fact that they are out there, somewhere, in some form, for free. When you are young, you have more time than money, and LimeWire is worth the hassle. As you get older, you have more money than time. The iTunes toll is a small price to pay for the simplicity of just getting what you wan.
This makes me think about how there are so many choices for the same answer. It just depends on what kind of person you are, day you are having, or how much time you can spare. This is why I think ya, maybe we dont go looking for answers with the web like we used to, but we still have to look for an answer to figure out which what we want to find the answer.

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first round logos

I decided to name my exhibit Siren. I chose this after the Greek Mythology story of the 3 sirens. They were three dangerous bird-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. I also feel that the pin-up girl catches peoples attention like a siren. I wanted to think of something less literal to the pin-up. Sort of a metaphor for the idea of the pin-up girl. I want it to be a modern twist with a simple logo, mainly text. I plan to use pattern to highlight the simple text.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Name ideas/Problem Statement

Problem Statement: The goal of the visual identities is to convey what the pin up girl stands for. It is not about sexuality or objectivity. It is about how the pin up girl paved the way for going against the conservative in the art world. It will speak in a more contemporary voice, not just traditional images of these pin-up art pieces. It will reach out to its audience by taking images they are used to seeing of these pin up works, and putting a new twist on them.

Possible Names:

Beyond the face
Pin-Up (more than just a pretty face)
Beyond the Look
Not just a pretty face
More than meets the eye
LOOK ing forward
Innovative Pin-Up
Prevailing Pin-Up

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Monday, September 13, 2010

color posters

20 answer/solutions you gonna catch that ghost.

Answer: create a Mobile device app. that can actually transform the ghosts matter into digital and literally capture it in a folder on your phone.

2. With the high production of the television show how do you know its not fake?

Answer: create a live video feed on a mobile that would show ghost hunts as they are taking place. They could then be voted on and sorted to show the most exciting ones first.

3. how do you communicate past experiences thoroughly?

Answer: with a geotag in a program such as Google maps and sorting and reconfiguring of the photos they could be viewed in real space as the user looks through the mobile device at the actual environment they originated.

4. how do you know a ghost is near?

Answer: a mobile device paired with a sound bank on the website that will cross reference the noise and give feedback to what your noise was.

Answer: A recording device that would send live feed to the web site for evaluation by community members to comment on live as it is happening.

5. where should I be looking in a certain location?

Answer: App that would allow others to go along with you by viewing your cameras and notifying you of activity in a specific area.

Answer: A device that sends out a sonar like ping that will show all activity at the moment, including cold spots, electromagnetic levels and sonar that will show the space in a map like readout.

6. how do I get a group together?

Answer: A way of posting your need for people based on location, what kind of danger there may be, what skills you have and need. This would then use a system to match you up and rout good meeting locations.

7. how to you share your experience?

Answer: A digital photo board that would be categorized by tags and could be rearranged based on the search. each could also be annotated for even more information.

Answer: a sound board

Answer a video board

8. how do you stay in contact with your group?

Answer: a skype like device that would allow users to actually experience what the other is experiencing if something exciting happens.

Answer: a pair of goggles that has recording capability. If your partner wanted you to look at their perspective.

Answer: an app that would detect something unusual and automatically notify each other person to that individual to see what is going on.

9.How do you know what is going on in the world of ghost hunting?

Answer: A live feed to your mobile device with the latest news around your location and world wide.

Answer: have a customizable area where people can post and talk

Answer: an app that allows you to annotate other peoples videos in real time (John Madden) do have talks in real time be more specific and to the point.

10. What if I want to know more about a site?

Answer: a device that you could leave behind with info about previous experiences that others could use.

Answer: app that would connect to your camera and search pictures of architecture and show the history of it to give you more knowledge.

Answer: a tagging system for questions that would send a question to other experts through text messages so they could get good feedback fast.

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some ghost hunting progess

We were having some trouble finding a place to get photos of the inside. I forgot completely about an old mansion in my hometown Troy,Ks. This house was completely gutted and sat empty and deserted for many years bc no one could afford to fix it up. A couple years ago a couple bought the house and started turning it into a bed and breakfast. It is amazing how much nicer it has become. I was only able to take photos on the bottom floor of the house because they had guests staying all weekend (bc of labor day). I am so glad I thought of this hidden treasure and I feel we got the imagery we needed for our posters. It was quite funny trying to explain to an older "country" woman what it was exactly I needed the pictures for. She said.. "so you are looking for ghosts?" After a little explanation she laughed,(thinking that the idea of ghosts hunters was ridiculous) then agreed to let me take the photos. :)

Here are a few:

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Area of interest

Ok, so after the class discussions today I found myself being interested in different areas than before. I realized that reading as a kid was something that was very important to me and something that I hold close to the heart. Reading goes way beyond education and the act of learning to read. It can spark creativity, create imagination, and be an outlet from the real world. A book can always take you into another world and take you away from anything that seems to be bothering you at that time. Also, with books people have a way to pick and choose what they read. They can read things that interest them. For example if someone wants to learn about eating healthy, or exercising they can get a book and learn from it. Books can also create community and bonding. People can compare, and share what they have read and grow a friendship or bond just by reading the same book as someone. Even a parent reading a book with their children helps to grow a connection with their parents. Books and reading to me is one of the most important things in a child's life.

So the fact that the community of Rosedale do not have a library to me is the problem. I feel that my target audience would be elementary school children. It is important to start the habit or passion for reading early in life. So this is where I would want to do research and learn what I could do to help out with this issue.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

VA: Rosedale community

So thinking about what areas are interesting to me this is some things I came up with:

65% of community are renters:
Ok so at first this may not really seem like a problem. Well for example, Mo and I moved into this community and did not even have the slightest clue that we were members of it until we saw the map they handed out to us when we met with them in person. This I feel can be a big problem with people not being active to help the community. If you are unaware of your community what makes you want to help it? Although this is not directly involving Children, it is targeting a larger picture that would help benefit the children in the community. If more parents were involved and more people were working together to help on these things great things could be achieved.

Kids do not dream:
Just something about this statement made me really upset. When the teachers at the schools say that their kids do not dream, something is obviously wrong. If one kid could be effected and have a goal, it would be making a change. Kids need to have goals and dreams to strive for, or there will be no future.

Communication barriers:
This is obviously the largest problem with the community. Not everyone can get through to one another. If there was a way to get more people on the same page, more people may be involved. This area has such a wide range of people that there needs to be one basic form of communication.

Ghost hunting research..

So Sean and I drove around in the rain to take pictures of old creepy buildings. About half way through we were like why are we doing this? I guess overall it gave us some experience and inspiration to learn more about ghost hunting. We plan to go to a bed and breakfast tomorrow after school and get pics on the inside of old buildings. It was a fun experience :) We even saw a rainbow!