Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Icon Process

Here is a time line of some of the stages my icons have made. This has been a lot of process but over all I feel my theme of a circular, curvy strokes, and kooky feeling
 has been applied. 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here are some type layouts for weather. I decided to go with all hand made layouts, photographed, then put in layers in photoshop. 

For wind I threw cut words on the copier as it was printing, arranged some by hand then layered them over the background word wind.
For Night I took a needle and punched holes around the typeface then lit a candle and placed it behind the paper and took a photo. With a slow shutter speed the light was captured through the holes and gave it a nice effect of twinkling stars maybe?
For dusk I let a small amount of candle light hit the work and with a slow shutter speed it creates this look. I wanted to capture the feeling of last gleam of light that occurs at dusk. I did the same for the fireflies and layered them in photoshop.
For fog I took a photo of the word out of focus to create a blurred look. I did the same for  the descriptive words in the background then layered them in photoshop.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is a screen shot of my judy garland poster for image class. I like it so far...Im sure it will need some changes though.

Monday, February 9, 2009

drawings for icons

This is the second stage in my icon making process. I am going to try to go with a circular theme throughout my objects. I like the abstract look it has from the original object.

type: story board

My group decided to take our four objects(fork,key,lamp,remote) and create a story about an alien. It start off with the alien soaring through space then landing on a strange planet. We tell the many emotions that are experienced on this planet, then the departure home! This was a very difficult thing to start off with, it was hard to create a story with such a wide range of objects. I am very pleased with our odd, unique story line. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Scans..Kooky Lady

This is my cover for my book. I wanted to use an ugly floral pattern that reminded me of something a older lady would actually find appealing and have as a bedspread or wall paper. I found this fabric and used it for a background. The lady pictured on the front is exactly who I picture when I think of a Kooky Lady. I used metal flower brads to add a tacky touch.

This is My perfume layout. I wanted to find older looking perfume bottles to help capture the old kooky feeling. I also found an old perfume ad that added a touch to the background element and I tried to use these sort of old, odd ads to get the feeling that usually older ladies are more kooky than young.

Jewelry: Old ladies usually have some pretty "fabulous" jewelry. I always think of big, colorful, heavy jewelry when I picture it on a kooky lady. My layouts are sort of random collage like layouts. I chose to do this because I feel in the mind of a kooky lady things would be chaotic and not organized.
Knitting: Kooky old ladies usually are very "crafty" so I used knitting as an object. For my labeling throughout the book I wanted to do a sloppy random handwriting, sometimes misspelled and corrected because older ladies sometimes misspell and have sloppy handwriting. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Text and photo together!