Monday, April 5, 2010

persuasive process:part 2

magazine ad: I wanted to use the reveal method like I used in my actual product with color revealing on the inside of the band. I used the same paper I made my tea tags with for the first page then the second page was the three color bands that are on my actual products with the designs still present. The magazine I chose to place it in was VOUGE. I chose this because it is a fashionable trendy magazine that appeals to almost every sort of woman. It may not be a person who is "going green" looking at vouge but possibly I would inspire them to start thinking more earth friendly.

for my homepage for a website I wanted to have a really inviting, simple design. I imagine this being very easy to navigate through.

For the web ad I did not want something that said "Click here" or "check us out" because to me that is an instant sign of POP UP AD. I immediately want to ignore it. I wanted something that was visually interesting and sort of abstract to make the viewer question what it is and want to click to go to the actual website.

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