Friday, February 18, 2011

Artifact Direction

Thinking of my final artifact for my degree project was challenging. I decided that I really need to focus on the mood and feelings that are behind this. I want to be able to have a group of people share their feelings about caregiving. I got my initial idea from we feel fine.

I want to create a website that has a visual element floating around the screen. No order, structure to these things. You just click on one at random for a spark of happiness. Now taking a spin on this website I want it these things to be video,photo, or maybe just text. It can be all sorts of mediums. I also want these moments to be able to commented on, or "liked".

My goal to get people to want to be a part of this is give them some sort of award system. My thoughts are that after they do a set number of posts they will eventually get a poster in the mail of their information. A graphic element that shows their moments. But the kicker that brings this all together is it will also show how the community interacted with their moments. You will get to see how you have effected others and how
your happy moment has helped others have and share the same kind of moments.

My Thoughts now are focused on how to get these people to come to this site. Is it something thats placed in the work environment that directs them to the site? Is there a prize system involved in getting people here?

I want this site to feel happy, and light hearted. The images below are a visual inspiration to what I want this to look/ feel like.

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