Sunday, February 6, 2011

Leave behind ideas

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately on branding myself. What I have realized is it usually really forced and I always feel like I am not representing myself correctly. I have decided just to start having fun and doing what I love to do... Someone is bound to appreciate it somewhere. When they do, I will work for them. End of story.

Idea 1: Create your own Desk Pet

I figure sometimes people in the professional world get caught up in their projects and daily routine. This is a rough sketch of the desk pet activity sheet. I thought it would be cool to have all these different parts you could mix and match to create your own pet. It could have a little stand to set on so someone could keep them out on their desk. When they look at it they will think hey, I got that from Johnna. She was cool.

Idea 2: Flip Book / Accordion Comic

This is a little flip book of a character I will create. He can pop up and say something silly, do something cute like stick his tongue out at you , and then go away. When he goes away my name could be at the end with contact info. I was thinking a flip book may be a lot of production work, but I could be wrong... If it is too much production work It could easily be turned into an accordion comic. It wouldn't be as cool, but its an idea.

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