Friday, September 4, 2009

Storyboard point of view 1...and 2

This is what I have for the point of view from my perspective of feeding meeko. It starts off with me waking up the clock looking a little fuzzy because its that first "I wanna sleep more" visual you get when you look at your clock in the morning. I walk into the room and start the process of feeding the ferret. I think the timing is really good, im not sure if the walking into the room is understood in those two photos...I was also concerned that just taking pictures and not hand manipulating them like most of the people in the class was too boring. Im kinda starting to thing the colors of the slide, the bowl, and the cage itself add good colors to make the photos visually interesting without any manipulation. 

this is my 2nd point of view from the ferrets perspective as if the camera were placed on top of his head. I still have a couple frames to figure out. I think the second frame should be a blurry photo of me walking in the room to show the ferret too has just woke up. I also need a frame of me pouring the food into the bowl and what it would look like to the ferret. Still kinda stuck on what else to show. Hmmmm open for suggestions!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Tom Morse-Brown said...

I love the colors. They are vibrant and do add a lot to the overall feel. The feeding of the ferret in the third person view is good too. Nice work!

thenewprogramme said...

johnna, it's a little hard to make out the details of your images because i can't enlarge the images by clicking on them. you may need to change some settings to allow for that.

regardless of that issue, these are shaping up nicely and the color use is working well, as you mentioned you were going for. you may be able to manipulate that slightly, along with your blur idea, to help further communicate the idea of waking up on both sequences.

on the first one, showing your feet walking is a clever idea, so keep that. i think it would be nice to see the actual "pouring" of the food, so it's falling out of the box -- we catch it mid-stream. also, the ferret moves immediately from eating to his hammock as if he's magically transported. can you lose one fame where he's running around before eating, and show one frame of him moving from the bowl to his hammock?

on #2, just keep working on getting those details figured out. i would begin by trying to show a 1-1 mirror of each frame from your first sequence. see if that helps you. for example: maybe there are two frames of you entering the room -- one far away and one close up. the falling asleep sequence at the end is nice. kind of humorous. keep plugging away!