Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Not?

Why not associates is a British design group that was established by Andrew Altmann, David Ellis, and Howard Greenhalgh. They do many different type of work such as including corporate identity, digital design, motion graphics and television commercial direction, editorial design, environmental design, publishing, and public art. Their style pushes boundaries and requires much experiment with medium. They take multiple pieces and merge them together to create a nice juxtaposition. The piece I think I want to work with is posted below.

The book is a deconstruction of contemporary culture which examines how the spread of ideas originating from the media, advertising and technology industries influence and shape global behaviour. Author Gee Thompson refers to the driving forces of our behaviour, needs and fears as ‘spells’, which control and bind us, and this book seeks to decode and make us aware of these cultural and media influences on all areas of our life. - Katie Loweth

a spread from the book

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