Thursday, January 27, 2011


Over winter break I have gotten in touch with several direct contacts. I have actually been allowed a part time position back at the job I was working at taking care of mentally challenged people in their group homes. It has really been nice to get back in touch doing this kind of work and it has helped me think of ideas for my degree project. Having all of these sources around, I am very confident that however my project ends up I will be happy with it.

Some things that I have assumed:

Assumption: People who have to work with or deal with mentally challenged people don't get to talk about it to others as often as they would like.

*experiment: Get direct contact with these people and ask them the following
Q. Is there anyone that you get to talk to about the struggles and strengths when taking care people?

Q. Would you like to have someone to talk to?

Q. What kind of person/people would you like to talk to?

Q. Would you like this interaction to be in public or more private?

Assumption: There are happy, exciting, and good feeling moments when doing this type of work.

*experiment: Ask the following:

Q. What makes these moments happy?

Q. What feelings do you get once a moment is experienced?

Q. Is it strong enough to relieve the stressful moments temporarily?

Q. Would you want a way to share these moments to help make others less stressful?

Assumption: People want a source to help them connect with others who have the same type of problems so they can have a sense of belonging.

These are the questions I want to ask myself and try to find answers to.

Q. What kind of mediums would be useful?

Q. How could you allow a more physical experience through something like a website?

Q. How can bonds be created?

Q. How does this experience really effect someone and last?

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