Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plan of Action

1 yr.

It is very hard for me to think about where I will be in 1 yr. I know that I want to be working at a local design firm. I am not sure yet where that will be but I have a few places In mind. My first pick would probably be Hallmark. I enjoy making cards, and telling stories through my graphic design. This is why I feel I would like Hallmark. I have shown interest in them for quite awhile. I have a contact there and I plan to get in touch with them to look at my portfolio. I know that the competition there is high but I am going to keep faith. I am currently interning at Design Ranch and I feel I am getting a lot of useful experience there. I would hope to stay interning there for as long as I can. I am really learning the business side of how a design firm works, which is something students sometimes overlook. Other places I have looked into are C3, and The Nelson. I have interned at the Nelson and feel that I have made some very close connections there. They are a small group and may not always be hiring but if there was a position open I would most likely apply. I really enjoyed interning there. I have had a lot of experience and I am going to stay hopeful that it will pay off in landing me the best first job. :)

3 yr.

I hope to be at the same job I got right out of college. I want to stay in the same place for awhile to really gain experience and build my portfolio. I want to be living comfortably and start to focus on the things I never had time to do during school. I want to do more side projects such as sewing, crafts, ect. At this point in my life I am just enjoying everything I have worked hard for. I also have thought about opening my own business so I would maybe start to think harder about this and see what it is going to take if I go that route.


By now I have been working for 5 yrs. and hopefully have been able to save up some money. The thought of having a savings account seems so far fetched. I want to be financially stable and stable in my career. If I do decide to open my own business I think I would do that around this time. Hopefully all the research I did 2 yrs before now will pay off. It is a big step so I am not sure if I will be ready for this, or if I will still want to be working for someone else. I really like the idea of security and risking that may cause me to not do the "my own business" route.

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