Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration images for our design

These are some emotions/ adjectives we are trying to focus on for each point.

The Supports: light, Dry, Ventilated, Uncluttered, un obstructed

The Roof Gardens: Lush, Rich, Abundant, Dense, Thick, Riotous, Tranquil

The Free Designing of the Ground Plan: Free, Independent, Unconstrained, Detached

The Horizontal Window: Knowledge, Brightness, Gleam, Brilliance, Glow, Awareness, Insight, Comprehension

Free Design of the Facade: Multi- Faceted, Free, Independent, Unconstrained, Detached


Lance Flores said...

I like these color box photos...where did you find these?

Johnna Pasch said...

I found them on google images... a few pages in. just look up the architects name, you should find them :)