Thursday, November 5, 2009

commincation model: diagram

For My diagram I made the sender be point a and the receiver point b. The message is red line that travels through channels to get to point b. The feedback is where the white and dark grey overlap. This is because feedback is the two merging together. I feel as though noise happens overall of this process so I made lines arcing over the entire graph to show noise taking over the scene.

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Amanda Laffoon said...

hey girl i like the idea of you using a narrative to tell your story. I know we have discussed this already but im posting it anyway. I really think that you should explore the idea of the comic. This way you can illustrate it..or use illustrator and vectorize it to do something different just like you wanted to do. But with the idea of the comic you have the layout that lends itself to have space to add the annotations and fun elements as well. As for the actual story i think it could be nice if you made it about a girl, animal or human, who is on the play ground and is going to run to the drug store or somewhere and tells her friend,or sister, to tell her mom where she went or that she will be right back....that would integrate your postcard. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the component of feedback..your original idea didnt have a space for feedback. So the mom could say tell her she is in trouble or to come see her when she gets back or something..just keep that in mind and make sure you touch on all the different components. ...i love you and i think this idea will be more serious and not as comical so our class mates will concentrate on what you are you girl!