Wednesday, November 11, 2009

narrative summary

My sound effects that I added information to the narrative to make it more interesting. I feel like they give it a sort of humor. If you were to have the ferret dancing with no music it is cute, but not as funny v.s. him dancing to a rap song by run DMC.

The short sound marks give it quick effects to re enforce the objects the viewer is seeing. The music is set to give the viewer something funny to listen to while the ferret is dancing.

With this form of communication it allows the user perhaps think on a different level and can move around in the narrative vs just watching a movie clip from beginning to end. They can sort of pick their own narrative.

The user of my experience can discover small “ah Ha” moments while navigating through my piece. It forces user to want to click on anything that may do something whether or not it really does. Since I know what has an action once clicked it is interesting to watch someone else who has no clue what to click do this. Even if its that they click on a different area of the object than I would have. Its funny how everyone thinks different.


Kate Morr said...
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Kate Morr said...

Your animation was very funny,
Any bored teenager will have this on their computer.
The buttons are hidden within the scene, but that's one thing I like about it. The user is forced to search and discover other funny moments.
It's a little weird that you have your videos in the same position, so i can't watch them both at the same time.
It's okay that I don't have the freedom to watch them both, but i can put the smaller one on top of the bigger one, and get confused.
Your ferret's voice is very interesting and adds even more humor, and kind of scary feeling to your narrative.

amorris said...

hey Johna!
I absolutely love the humor and cuteness of your nonlinear narrative!! The ability to make the user laugh is great attribute that can really enhance the engagement of the viewer to the interface.
I am happy that you decided to render the objects the way that you did, because they come across as playful. These elements all make the interface more of a personal space, and the user isn't threatened by any of your aesthetic choices.
I found it disappointing that nothing lit up/got larger/or moved when I rolled over it. The only way that I knew something was click able was when my cursor would turn into a pointer finger. I want the space to react more to my interactions. Right now it feel a little static. I did like when the pellets appeared as I rolled over them!
The placement of the video is slightly weird being jammed at the bottom of the screen. The other animation that appears full screen is a great feature, and one that is a real crowd pleaser. After I played with your project one of the things that had the most cadence had to of been the ferret flipping upside down within that animation.
Your project was fun and adorable! You seem like you enjoyed making it, which made your project even more likable. Good Job!