Friday, November 13, 2009


This was my initial sketches for my character. I from here decided to go with a very simplified character so the viewer would not be distracted by the narrator and focus more on the information being displayed.

I then decided to draw this character in many different ways. I showed some facial expressions he could have and how he could look in different positions.

I then tried different rendering methods such as pen, marker, ink, colored pencil, and water color. I decided I loved the look of water color mixed with pen outline.

Today in class I decided that I did not like my original character too much. I felt he wasnt totally where I wanted him to be so I did some in class experimenting. Such as this above.

Then I came up with this sort of blob with crooked eyes. Everyone seemed to enjoy his character. So I decided to go with this one and render him more.

These are some different color schemes I was playing with. I think I will be going with the red colored one or possibly the orange and yellow mix.

Since I am doing a comic book I am experimenting making a new communication model to match my book. This is what I have so far.

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jamie said...

The blob character was a good break-through! Explore how you can successfully translate this for the digital realm. And there you can refine him so it moves from a rough sketch form to a definitive character.

The model is not working. The character is getting in the way.