Thursday, September 2, 2010

VA: Rosedale community

So thinking about what areas are interesting to me this is some things I came up with:

65% of community are renters:
Ok so at first this may not really seem like a problem. Well for example, Mo and I moved into this community and did not even have the slightest clue that we were members of it until we saw the map they handed out to us when we met with them in person. This I feel can be a big problem with people not being active to help the community. If you are unaware of your community what makes you want to help it? Although this is not directly involving Children, it is targeting a larger picture that would help benefit the children in the community. If more parents were involved and more people were working together to help on these things great things could be achieved.

Kids do not dream:
Just something about this statement made me really upset. When the teachers at the schools say that their kids do not dream, something is obviously wrong. If one kid could be effected and have a goal, it would be making a change. Kids need to have goals and dreams to strive for, or there will be no future.

Communication barriers:
This is obviously the largest problem with the community. Not everyone can get through to one another. If there was a way to get more people on the same page, more people may be involved. This area has such a wide range of people that there needs to be one basic form of communication.

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