Sunday, February 21, 2010

The persuasive experience

When starting this project I had no clue what to do. I looked through several packaging examples online and saw things that looked interesting but didnt know how I could apply them to this project. Then I realized maybe I should focus on creating a product that could be earth friendly first, then from there move on to how the packaging could help play a role in this. I wanted a product that could give off a feeling of relaxation and peace. So I tried to think of things that were relaxing, I first thought of incense or smells, then quickly came up with wanting to work with tea. Not only did I want to focus on the tea itself being organic, but how could I fit in the "no throwaways" with this product. ...?

target audience:
My target audience would be any one who drinks tea. Most likely someone who is at least 18 years old. I am hoping that this would not just be for someone who cares about recycling and "going green". I am hoping to encourage someone who does not really care about recycling to reuse some things.

Product line:
- box that holds tea bags
- tea bags
-for fun** cut out stencil to create prints w/ tea bags

Proposed Strategy:
Tea is something very natural and relaxing product as is. So some questions I am asking myself :
How can Tea become even more natural?
How can tea bags possibly be reused?
Once this problem is figured out, how do I design a package that makes buyers want to participate in the reusing of this product?
Can the package be transformed and used in promoting the reuse of the tea bag?

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