Monday, February 8, 2010

In class progress

So this is what I did in class today. I really like where this is going and I am having a lot of fun, which I feel is very important to keep this experiment going:) My issue I am toying with now is how I can make this more digital, such as vector? I really enjoy the black and white photography and the reflection of the glass so I am wondering how to carry this traits into a digital form. I would also like to add some color to these, and my next step is to print my letterforms on transparencies so I do not have the white paper in the negative space of my letterforms. Super exciting!!!!


thenewprogramme said...

what's nice about these is their analog/photographic nature. there is some sharpness, some depth-of-field blur, that you can't do with vector art. i would try to capitalize as much as possible on the analog nature of your setup and save the vector work for another set of experiments. maybe you try to duplicate a few of your more successful ones from this batch as illustrator drawings. then you can compare the two images.

here are the pics i think are the most intriguing:
row 1, pic 4
row2, pics 2, 4
row 3, pics 4, 5

same as in your earlier post, the more abstracted ones are better, or the ones that are just barely recognizable as a specific letter.

try the single letter on a full white sheet and these will clean up a lot. maybe even put white posterboard on the top so you don't get the ceiling reflection.

Kidwell at LXIII XI said...

i'm not sure what they are...but they are really nice. keep on exploring!